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Female (spayed)
Born 2008
Pit Bull Mix
About 40 Pounds
Came to M'Shoogy's 1/2021

So, you think you've heard everything? Well, let me tell you my story. At the age of 12 my owner decides he just doesn't want me around anymore. Since I already had a severe ear infection he decides not to treat it but to put me down. Lucky for me he takes me to one of only a few places that wouldn't do it - Angel's Vet. When they refused, he told them he was tired of me and he'd simply take me home and shoot me. It's hard to believe such cruelty exists. But, so does kindness. And on that day, kindness won. Now, I need a little more kindness so I can live out my twilight years in a loving home. You might not be able to tell but I'm a very sweet. Come to M'Shoogy's and let me show you!

Due to her ear issues, Snoops will require a monthly shot of Cytopoint.

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