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Female (spayed)
Born 2008
Lab Mix
About 45 Pounds
Came to M'Shoogy's in 5/2010

Hi, I’m Beatrice. Are you ready for a little game of hide and seek? You’ll never find me here in my doghouse. Wouldn’t it be the last place you’d look? See, I’m clever and I’m a very happy girl. I should tell you that it does take me a little time to warm up. But, you’d be a little bit shy too if you’d been through everything I’ve been through. Living on the streets, not knowing where you’re next meal was coming, running from gunshot blasts because people want you off their property; I just wasn’t made for that kind of life. If you give me a chance I will show you I can be a loving girl; a very good girl that you’ll brag about. Give me a chance, I won’t disappoint you!

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