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Female (spayed)
Born 2009
About 75 Pounds
Came to M'Shoogy's in 2009

I had about the toughest beginning a girl could have in this life. I had a broken hip as a result of getting hit by a car. The person who hit me didnít even have the heart to stop and move me off of the road. In fear for my life, and not wanting to get hit again, I dragged myself in pain to someoneís yard. Luckily, these kind people called MíShoogyís and they rescued me. Iím on the mend and I feel a whole lot better. Iím a little stiff but I get around okay and in no time Iíll be running around like new. They tell me my story could have a happy ending; itís happened for others around here. Now, I just wait for someone to pick me out of the bunch to take home. Iíll try and keep my spirits up but I sure could use a real break soon; I mean the good kind.

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