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Male (neutered)
Born in 2006
Breed - Shepherd Mix
Came to M'Shoogy's in 2008
About 120 Pounds

Hi there, Iím Rico. It started out as a good day, or so we thought, when our owner took my sister Ryka (dog 298) and I to the river fishing. We would never have gone had we known his real intention. Imagine our confusion when he let us out of the truck and then just drove off. So there we stood, looking at each other not knowing what to do. Fortunately a man and his son saw what happened and picked us up and brought us to MíShoogyís. I am a very handsome guy that is energetic, friendly and full of life. I am quite intelligent and would make an excellent and loyal companion for an individual or a family. I just need plenty of exercise to keep me happy and healthy. Then again, thatís what we all need. So letís help each other out. You give me a loving home and Iíll keep you in shape. Deal?

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