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Female (spayed)
Born in 2004
About 75 Pounds
Breed - Black Lab
Came to M'Shoogy's in 2009

Hi, Iím Darla. Are you looking for a friendly, affectionate friend? If so, thatís me. I canít wait to get adopted and be part of a real family. Iím the kind of girl that loves attention and will be a true blue companion. The photographer had to stand outside of my pen to take my picture. Every time he came into the pen I just couldnít help myself; Iíd go right up to him and see if heíd pet me and talk to me and make my day. I know, I probably should have been a little more cooperative but I never know how long I have to wait until heíll visit me again. If you were in my shoes, I know youíd understand.

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