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Male (neutered)
Born 2008
Came to M'Shoogy's in 11/2010





Hi there, I�m Tommy. I�m a very friendly cat. I�m the strong, silent type. I like to sit back and watch things; see if I can learn anything. I�m the kind of guy that doesn�t let the little things bother me. You see, I�ve already faced a pretty big challenge. My right front paw is missing. You can�t see it very well because I tucked it under myself for the picture. I don�t want you to think of me only because I�m missing a paw. I sure don�t think of myself that way and I also don�t let it get me down. I get around very well despite my disability. What really gets me down is not having a home. I�ve given my right �arm�; do I get my home now?

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