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Female (spayed)
Born in 2016
Redbone Hound Mix
About 50 Pounds
Came to M'Shoogy's in 2016

Hi, Iím Fern. Iíll bet you can tell by my picture Iím a happy girl. Iíve got lots of great qualities. Iím friendly and affectionate. Iíd make a great family pet. Life wasnít always so great for me. I was found as a stray extremely emaciated, looking for food and shelter, and with injuries most likely from being hit by a car. Iím steadily healing and will be good as new in no time. The kind people who took me in say I love people, get along great with other dogs, and Iím intelligent. Iím even housebroken! Can I be the perfect dog? I can be your perfect dog if you let me!

MíShoogyís couldnít accept Fern but is hoping to help her find a home.

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