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Born 2013
Spaniel Mix
About 52 Pounds
Came to M'Shoogy's in 7/2015

Hi, Iím Corey. You canít see it in my picture but Iím very friendly, playful and active. I was abandoned but youíll see that Iím still happy and lovable. I have dry eye in both eyes and because of inflammation in my right eye Iíve lost some of my peripheral vision in that one eye. I require daily eye drops. Itís really no big deal; a few drops in my eyes and Iím good to go. I hope youíll look past my issues and see that I would make a great buddy. I would love the chance to go home with you so we can play and youíll see that Iím eager to please. Is this our lucky day and you want to take me home with you?

Those adopting Corey could get his medication at Angelís Vet at our cost.

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