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Born in 2007
Terrier Mix
About 25 Pounds
Came to M'Shoogy's in 2007

Caleb is a very handsome fellow. We try to tell him that and he retreats into his safe hiding place. He is inquisitive about who's there and what's going on, but the minute we show attention to him he hides. He has bitten out of fear and needs an experienced person that is willing to invest the time and energy into building his confidence and help him overcome his fear. Caleb spent some time with a dog trainer and his shyness did improve. Due to personal matters, the trainer could no longer work with him and he has reverted to his shyness, although not as severe. He may never be outgoing, but he can become more confident and actually enjoy a life without overwhelming fear. Shy dogs are not for everyone, but small victories will bring great rewards for the lucky person that adopts Caleb. The greatest reward of all will be helping improve his quality of life.

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