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Born in 2007
Breed - Poodle Mix
Came to M'Shoogy's in 2008
About 15 Pounds

Hi, Im Levi. I sure wish Id gotten the memo about picture day. Im looking a little un-kept in my photo, but I clean up quite nicely. Im not really sure how I got to MShoogys, but I get along well with the other dogs here. I am the smallest of the group, so I have to be careful about being stepped on. My roommates get all excited playing around and forget about the little guy! I do enjoy the entertainment and being around other dogs, but what Id really enjoy is a home where I could have some one on one time and a little quite time. It can be quite overwhelming here. Im not big enough to be a member of the BBDs (Big Black Dogs), but I am one cute LBD (Little Black Dog).

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