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Born in 1998
Came to M'Shoogy's in 1999

Arrow was nearly dead when he was found near someone's doorstep in a heap. The trail of blood led for about a mile and a half down a dirt road. You see it was hunting season and someone decided to use this dog for target practice. But Arrow had a will to live. He dragged his injured body through the woods until he found a house where he hoped that someone would come to his rescue. He had an arrow that was piercing his neck & shoulder clear through one side and out the other. He lay alone, exhausted and waiting to die. But M'Shoogy's rescued him, operated on him to remove the arrow, nursed him back to health and named him-- Arrow. Arrow has been waiting at M'Shoogy's for several years for someone to adopt him and he still waits-- for someone to turn his nightmare of a life into a dream come true.

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