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Female (spayed)
Born Fall 2008
Border Collie Mix
Came to M'Shoogy's in 2008

Howdy, Iím Briana. I was one of 4 puppies living on a horse farm with my mom Bebe(dog 274) and my dad Baxter(dog 276). Things were really tough before we were rescued by MíShoogyís. They took care of all of us and even got good homes for us. I was brought back because my owner got sick and really couldnít afford to take care of me. So, I know what itís like to have a home and people who love me. That makes it a little harder to be here but Iím trying to stay positive. Iím a little bit shy at first but I warm up quickly. I was adopted once; maybe my 2nd chance is just around the corner. I hope so, Ďcause I got a lot of love to give.

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