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Female (Spayed)
Born in 2006
Came to M'Shoogy's in 2007
About 25 Pounds

Hi, Iím Daisy. Iím a young adult female Foxhound with the traditional tri-color markings. I am very sweet and loving and would make an excellent family dog. My breed is known for being very affectionate, loyal and thrives as a member of the family. As with all hounds, I need an owner who is willing to give me ample exercise. A bored Foxhound will find ways to keep themselves entertained and can be destructive if left alone indoors for extended periods of time. I have shown interest in hunting squirrels, after all my breed is often used to hunt small game. I get along very well with other dogs and I am not a nuisance barker. If you are looking for a hunting partner, a wonderful family companion or both, I fit the bill.

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