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Born in 2007
About 15 lbs.
Wire Haired Fox Terrier mix
Came to M'Shoogy's in 2008

Hi, I'm Hart. I had a family, or so I thought. Then one night we went for a car ride. Next thing I hear is the car door slam and then all I see is taillights. Dumped, right there in the parking lot. To say I was confused doesn't begin to describe how I felt. Thankfully the owners of M'Shoogy's heard the car and came out in time to get me before I got out on the highway, but not soon enough to see who dumped me. Despite my world being turned upside down in a split second I am still a happy and friendly fella that needs a home. I am a lovable dynamo that needs plenty of exercise. That can be going on walks or playing in the back yard. I'm not a couch potato. I want to be an active member of the family; a family that has a lot of love and affection to shower upon me. In return I will delight you with my cheerful personality and make you laugh with my playful antics. That sounds like a happy ending to me.

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