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Born in 7/2016
Came to M'Shoogy's in 10/2016





Hello, my name is Monroe. How did such a young handsome fellow such as myself end up in a shelter you might ask? It wasn't by choice. I lost one of my back legs after being hit by a car. I admit I had a moment of poor me, but I quickly got over that and am doing great. I get around real well. I can run, climb and play with the best of them. I enjoy being pet and snuggled. I am friendly yet quiet and observant. I learned the hard way to look before you leap so to speak. I am long haired with striking wide tabby markings and warm caramel colored eyes. Surely with my sad story and eye-catching good looks you are intrigued enough to come and visit me. We'll talk about you taking me home when you get here, but you have to get here first. So let's go, times a ticking!

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