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Born in 2004
Came to M'Shoogy's in 9/2016





Lillian, Lillian, let us love you Lillian. Remind you of a jewelry commercial? Well, Lillian is a diamond in the rough. She is a gorgeous, and large, long-haired black cat with an unusual ring of gray fur framing her face. She came from a hoarding situation with a large infected wound on her side. That healed beautifully leaving no scar whatsoever. She is not well socialized and needs a quiet home with someone that will give her plenty of patience, love and understanding, someone willing to accept her for who she is. We can pet her without her hissing or fleeing. She is out in the open and doesn't hide. Surprisingly she isn't attached to other cats. She is a bit of a loner. She would do well in a home with or without other cats. Please find it in your heart to give this special lady a home to live the rest of her life however she chooses to.

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