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Female (spayed)
Born in 2007
Came to M'Shoogys in 2008
About 5 Pounds





Hmmmm, no. I can't think of anything I'd rather have than a home of my own with someone to cuddle with. Hi, I'm Tiggin. I'm a short haired tabby that has a lot of love to share. I am very affectionate and absolutely love people. Pet me, snuggle with me and play with me. I love it all. I get along well with my feline friends too. I was found running loose out in the road. I know, I know, not a safe place to be. I'm glad to be safe and sound now. I am feline leukemia positive, so I need to be an inside cat either by myself or with other positive cats. I am happy and healthy and look forward to sharing my life with you.

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