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Male (neutered)
Born 2010
Came to M'Shoogy's in 5/2011





Hey there, my name is Jasper. Now I know that guys aren't supposed to be pretty, but that's what the lady's say. I had a close call and you could say I used up one of my nine lives. I knew I was in trouble, so I went to the first house I saw and begged for help. The kind person brought me to M'Shoogy's for some much needed medical attention. My left front leg was too badly injured to save so it had to be amputated. Now don't be feeling sorry for me because I get around great. I chase and play with my roommates and the cat toys. When I'm tired from all the play I jump up on a shelf and snuggle in for a nice long nap. I am an absolute lovebug that is very easy going. After such a close call, I've learned to live life with no worries. If you are looking for an all-around amazing cat, I'm waiting for you.

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