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Female (Spayed)
Born 2000
Came to M'Shoogy's in 2009
About 7 pounds





My name is Hilde. I was found sitting on the shoulder of the highway with cars whizzing past. I had no idea where I was or which way to go. Being paralyzed with fear worked out in my favor. The kind people of M'Shoogy's saw me and picked me up before disaster struck. I am considered an extra special kitty because I am blind. I get along quite well though. As with any cat, I just need to know where my food/water and litter box are then I'm good to go. The vets say I am healthy and my loss of vision is probably due to an untreated eye infection. Please don't let my vision impairment or my age be a deterrent in adopting me. Being older has it's benefits. I am affectionate and mellow, no swinging from the chandelier for this gal...as if I could find it anyway. I am old enough to understand what a second chance means. I need a loving human companion to see me for the beautiful kitty that I am and a warm forever home to live out my twilight years. In return I will be your forever snuggle buddy.

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