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Male (neutered)
Born 2005
Came to M'Shoogy's in 2009
About 10 pounds





My name is Gus. Holy cow did I have a close call with death. I had been hit by a car and was lying in the road when a kind lady stopped, picked me up and brought me to M'Shoogy's. Hit by a car and my only injuries were a screaming headache and broken tooth. After several days of peace and quiet my headache was gone and my broken tooth was pulled. The saying is that cats have nine lives. Well I'm down to eight, but that's still a lot of living yet to do. In my travels of the world I acquired the feline immunodeficiency virus. I'm a big healthy guy that must now lead the cushy life of an indoor only cat. I'm actually a softy despite my stout figure. I get along well with other cats but I especially like people. Give me a loving forever home where I can spend the rest of my eight lives showing you how thankful I am.

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