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Male (Neutered & Declawed)
Born 2004
Came to M'Shoogy's in 2008
About 8 pounds





Hello! I'm Simba the Siamese. Yes I know, I am a very handsome guy with some beautiful blue eyes, but I don't let all of the compliments go to my head. I am in no way a snob; quite the opposite actually. I'm a very friendly fellow that gets along well with other cats, but my true love is people. All you have to do is look at me and I'll start purring. Pick me up and pet me, I'll be you friend for life. I seem to have lost my way home. I was found by a kind lady that tried to find my owner, but wasn't successful. She already had cats of her own and there was no room for me. That's okay though, I've adjusted really quick to all of my roommates and my new surroundings. I'm just thankful she took me in being the fact that I have no front claws. Itís kind of hard to defend yourself out in the big world like that. Even though life has thrown me a curve ball, I'm looking forward to my next adventure. Will it be with you?

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