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Female (spayed)
Born in 2006
Came to M'Shoogy's in 2006
About 8 pounds





Hi, I'm Tess. I am a black long haired gorgeous girl with big expressive eyes. I am also FIV+, but don.t let that stop you. I am very healthy and have a lot of life to live. I will need to be kept inside so I can stay healthy. I get along very well with my roommates.. I think it's because I'm such an easygoing lovey little thing. Considering how stressful a shelter environment can be, I didn't have a problem adjusting. I would love to have a forever home though. A place to call my own where I could snuggle up next to you and just enjoy life and the second chance I'd been given. Please come and visit, I'll show you just what you're missing.

Due to Tess' FIV+ status, her vet care will be provided free of charge at Angel's Vet Express.

FIV positive cats can live a long and happy life. They can also live safely with FIV-negative cats. FIV is spread through severe bite wounds, so it is important that your kitties get along. Learn more by clicking here

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