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Male (neutered)
Born in 2007
About 10 Pounds
Came to M'Shoogy's in 2008





Hi, my name is Sherman. I am an active yet easy going lad. I enjoy being petted and scratched behind my ears as much as I enjoy playing. I'm not the needy type. I can entertain myself while you're away by chasing toys and napping until you get home. Then we can enjoy some together time. I can sit in your lap and massage your stress away with my kneading paws. I do need to tell you something up front though, I am FIV+ so I must be an only cat or with other FIV+ cats. I am young and healthy and have a long life ahead of me. Care to join me on the journey?

Due to Sherman's FIV+ status, his vet care will be provided free of charge at Angel's Vet Express.

FIV positive cats can live a long and happy life. Learn more by clicking here

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